Factors that Affect Your Earning Potentials

Why do some YouTube channels earn more money than others despite having fewer subscribers and less views? This is one question a lot of new creators ask and i will do my best to answer this question by taking you through some of the factors that affect YouTube earnings.

We look at some of the most influential factors that affects your YouTube channel earning potential. I am going to cover 10 factors that impact your YouTube earnings. By understanding the factors that affect earning potential, you can take steps to increase your earnings and grow your channel.

Content of this video:
00:00 Intro
00:26 Factors that Affect Your YouTube Earnings – Lists
00:51 How Content Topics or Niche Affect Your Channel Earnings
02:04 How Audience Demographics Affect Your Channel Earnings
03:12 How Types of Ads on Your Videos Affect Your Channel Earnings
03:45 How Quality of Your Content Affect Your Channel Earnings
04:34 How Video Length Affect Your Channel Earnings
04:55 How Audience Size Affect Your Channel Earnings
05:33 How Monetization Strategies Affect Your Channel Earnings
06:02 How Engagement Level Affect Your Channel Earnings
06:37 How Posting Consistency Affect Your Channel Earnings
07:21 How Advertiser-Friendliness Affect Your Channel Earnings
08:05 Recap!
08:15 Outro

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