How to Make Money on YouTube with the YouTube Partner Program

The most straightforward way to making money on YouTube is through the YouTube partner program. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make money on YouTube with the YouTube Partner Program. The YouTube Partner Program is a program created by YouTube that allows eligible content creators to monetize their videos through various means, primarily through ad revenue.

Brands pay Google to put ads, like commercial display banners, video ads, and sponsored content on videos uploaded by content creators. The advertising fee generated is shared between YouTube and the content creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. There are many other fan funding earning features in this program and i cover it all in this video.

Learn how to monetize and make money on YouTube with the YouTube Partner Program.

Content of this video:
00:00 Intro
00:19 YouTube Partner Program Monetization on YouTube
00:59 YouTube Advertisement Revenue Share
02:21 YouTube Partner Program Monetization Features
02:34 YouTube Premium Revenue Share
02:48 YouTube Channel Membership
03:05 YouTube Shopping and Shopping Affiliate
03:11 YouTube Super Thanks
03:17 Super Chat and Super Stickers
03:32 YouTube Programs Revenue Share
04:08 YouTube Partner Program Eligibility Requirements
05:05 How to Apply for YouTube Partner Program
07:22 How Much Can you Earn on YouTube?
08:15 Recap!
08:51 Outro

I hope you have learnt how YouTube Partner Program works.

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