What is YouTube CPM and RPM: How They Impact Your Earnings

What is YouTube CPM and RPM? As a YouTube content creator, you need to understand ad revenue analytics. Two crucial metrics are most important. I am talking about RPM and CPM. YouTube creators need to understand and be attentive to both CPM and RPM to track their channel performance and measure their earnings.

In this video, I am going to explain CPM and RPM in detail and show you how they affect your earnings. I am going to explain why they are important for every creator and show you how to calculate them, where you can find them in your YouTube account, and finally how to boost them to increase your YouTube earnings.

Content of this video:
00:00 Intro
00:40 How to See Your YouTube CPM and RPM in YouTube Studio
01:05 What is YouTube CPM?
01:42 How to calculate CPM
02:43 Impression-Based CPM vs Playback CPM – The Difference
03:50 Factors that Affect CPM
04:18 YouTube Niches with High CPM Rates
05:32 Countries with High Average CPM Rates
06:49 What is YouTube RPM?
07:21 How to calculate RPM
09:01 Why CPM is Important for YouTube Content Creators
10:27 Why RPM is Important for YouTube Content Creators
11:24 How to Boost your Channel’s CPM and RPM and Increase Earnings
11:58 Recap!
12:12 Outro

I hope you now understand what CPM and RPM for YouTube is and how they affect your earnings.

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